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A family owned business since 2006, The Cheesecake House Co. has made families happy operating a World-class pastry shop. The Cheesecake House offers an exquisite savor of confectionary goods with a healthy touch. Natural flavors, fresh, and local ingredients make The Cheesecake House a unique experience when visiting Lake Elsinore area.


The Cheesecake House Co. makes everything to bring you the best possible desserts & service. We are devoted to quality and your complete satisfaction. We prepare our cheesecakes, mousses, pies and other desserts fresh each day in our clean kitchen using the highest quality ingredients.


Locally, we make orders to all around Southern California, principally in San Diego County & Orange County. However, as an international & national business, The Cheesecake House Co. looks for the gratification of our customers all around the world with our vast experience and our hard work filled of love for the desserts.


Over 60 Exquisite Cheesecakes and Desserts.

Different kinds of cakes

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